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Like thousands of families around the world, BMX racing is everything to us. It‘s our passion and, by choice, it is the focus of almost all of our time. Velocity Bike Co. started at a kitchen table in 2013. While it may sound cliché, we have truly poured blood, sweat and tears into bringing a world-class line of BMX racing frames into a very competitive market.


In our quest to produce the perfect race frame, we decided early-on that we would not cut any corners, nor compromise ANY detail. After a long process of prototyping, testing and nit-picking everything that can be nit-picked, we now bring you a BMX racing frame that is not only beautiful to look at, but one that will perform at the highest level – haulin’ for the long-haul.


No expense was spared in designing the 15 sizes of the Velocity frame line, each with elite performance as our ultimate goal. We think of our frames as the “Ferrari “ of BMX race frames, and everyone who has ridden one agrees that their Velocity flat-out performs, especially out of the gate and in turns.


Of course, performance needs to be married-up with affordability and a high-level of customer service for BMX families who make the decision to go with a Velocity frame. Our customers can expect the best of all those by investing in our products.


As a proud American company, Velocity frames are American-made, through-and-through – down to the decals. As a result, we can keep laser-like focus on the manufacturing and finishing process; and also offer a “personalized experience” to build your Velocity in the colorway that fits your team, or favorite racing colors. This includes many powdercoat options, and numerous decal color combinations.


We know you have a lot of brand choices in today’s market. But only one can get you the “velocity” you deserve on race day – Velocity Bike Co.

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