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Velocity Team



Standout riders who are ready to take their racing career to the next level are encouraged to apply to the Velocity Bike Co. Team program as an individual. Once you’re in the program, you’ll be part of a dedicated team of BMXers that have big wins on their minds, and consistent results on their goal sheets.

Here’s how it works for Velocity Bike Co. Team Individuals:

  • Sponsor listed as “Velocity Bike Co.” on moto sheets, and any media appearances you may participate in.

  • Quarterly race reports, submitted via email, documenting your local, state, and national racing.

  • Regular social media posts, for riders who use social media, tagging @velocitybikco and #velocitybmx.

  • Single point of contact. For riders under 18, that will be one of the parents, for riders over 18, the rider, him/herself. All communications between the rider and Velocity will go through this person.

  • “Bike Checks” submitted every quarter, both to prove you’re using the product and uniform, and for our promotional use.

  •  Velocity Bike Co. Team “term sheet,” which specifies the Team “Code of Conduct,” and clarifies the arrangement and expectations for Team riders.

  • As a Velocity Bike Co. Team rider, here’s what you’ll receive:

    • Velocity frame in the size and color of your choice (20% off retail)

    • Two Velocity Team jerseys

    • One Pair of Troy Lee Designs Sprint racing pants 

    • Option to purchase a second frame at team discount

  • On Us:

    • Special rider-specific discounts.

    • Exclusive Team benefits that will be available to all Individual members each quarter. This may include online training resources, discounts on popular clinics, and more. Part of our goal is to help develop your game, so you can rise to the next level in your racing, and as ambassadors of the sport.


Package Price: $799
Includes frame at 20% off and over $240 in gear. Tax and shipping are additional.

Proceed to Application Form

2023 Velocity Team

Keira Amaris

Kelly Amaris

Michael Amaris

Will Amsley

Casey Charkowick

Christy Charkowick

Jack Charkowick

Wesley Clark

Angela Constantino

Jason Constantino

Marisa Constantino

Pat Coo

Chrystofer Davis

Carly Floyd

Cole Floyd

Gunner Flores

Ryder Flores

Owen Golden

Cameron Graves

Patrick Harteveld

Max Hudgins

Zoe Hudgins

Darian Inglis

Aiden Kelley

Bentley Kelley

Nick Kolesky

Michael Lane

Justin LaVoie

Colten Lee

Josh Lee

Tristen Love

Calvin Lovely

Jasper Lovely

Kayla McCarthy

Brielle Meyer

Charlie Meyer

Kenny Meyer

Logun Meyer

Blake Noblin

Kyle Noblin

Jayleigh Palmer

Jazek Palmer

Jovey Palmer

Luke Palmore

Landen Ramsey

Mikaylee Ramsey

Zoey Ramsey

Chad Ricks

Chatham Ricks

Kelly Ricks

Tanner Ricks

Blake Roach 

Jaxson Roach 

John Roach 

Jack Robbins

Sophia Robbins

Colten Robison

Camryn Searfoss

Ava Sevigny 

Beckham Sevigny 

Courtney Sevigny 

Dennis Sevigny 

Jacob Sorensen

Austin Steuart

Dillan Steuart

Riley Steuart

Jeroen Stam

Mathijs Stam

Kevin Suarez

Michael Tandatnick

Kaitlyn Van Renselaar

Mason Van Renselaar

Chevelle Wagner

Gavin Wagner

Blake Windows

Brenna Windows

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