Velocity Team


The point of any sponsorship program is for the athletes representing a brand to be a “force multiplier” in the marketplace. Those athletes represent their sponsor in such a way that encourages consumers to purchase their sponsor’s products. In exchange, they receive support from the company, in the form of discounts on product and, in some cases, free product and promotional items, to help them represent the brand in the best way possible.

Positive representation may come in the form of extraordinary results on the track, being the type of rider, or team, at the local track that helps-out new and up & coming riders, or a bunch of other ways that drive sales. At its foundation, sponsorship is a “business” relationship, but it’s also a lot of fun when it’s done right. The Team programs ensure it’s “done right,” for all concerned.

We have two programs that get things moving: a Velocity co-sponsorship for a group of five or more, and one for qualifying individuals. The programs are an important part of our plan to reach deeper into local and regional programs and support riders who are ready to put the work in to achieve great results, and represent a quality brand to their local and regional BMX Racing community. 

2021 Velocity Team    

Keira Amaris

Kelly Amaris

Michael Amaris

Will Amsley

Casey Charkowick

Christy Charkowick

Jack Charkowick

Wesley Clark

Angela Constantino

Jason Constantino

Marisa Constantino

Chrystofer Davis

Zack Drinkard

Preston Elliott

Carly Floyd

Cole Floyd

Gunner Flores

Ryder Flores

Owen Golden

Cameron Graves

Patrick Harteveld

Isaiah Hooks

Max Hudgins

Zoe Hudgins

Darian Inglis

Aiden Kelley

Bentley Kelley

Nick Kolesky

Michael Lane

Colten Lee

Josh Lee

Tristen Love

Jasper Lovely

Kayla McCarthy

Brielle Meyer

Charlie Meyer

Logun Meyer

Kenny Meyer

Blake Noblin

Kyle Noblin

Connor O'Brien

Jayleigh Palmer

Jazek Palmer

Jovey Palmer

Luke Palmore

Landen Ramsey

Mikaylee Ramsey

Zoey Ramsey

Chad Ricks

Chatham Ricks

Kelly Ricks

Tanner Ricks

Jack Robbins

Sophia Robbins

Colten Robison

Doug Schmeichel

Camryn Searfoss

Ava Sevigny 

Beckham Sevigny 

Courtney Sevigny 

Dennis Sevigny

Jacob Sorensen 

Jeroen Stam

Mathijs Stam

Kevin Suarez

Michael Tandatnick

Kaitlyn Van Renselaar

Mason Van Renselaar

Chevelle Wagner

Gavin Wagner