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Velocity Group Teams

If you have a group of five or more riders, whether an already-established team, or a group of friends from the local track, Velocity Bike Co. Group Teams provide what riders need to look great on the track, and the confidence of riding products that have unparalleled standards of quality behind them.

Here’s what makes a Velocity Bike Co. Group Team:

  • Five-member minimum

  • Official team name listed as “Velocity (Team Name)” on moto sheets and in any media appearances the team, or individual riders may participate in.

  • Custom-designed logo (If you don't have one)

  • Regular social media posts from the team, and team members who use social media, tagging @velocitybikeco, and #velocitybikeco

  • Monthly team reports, submitted via the Velocity BMX website.

  • Single Team Manager point of contact. All communications between the team and Velocity go through this person.

  • Individual rider “Bike Checks” are submitted every quarter to prove riders are using the product and uniform and for our promotional use.

  • Velocity Bike Co. “term sheet,” which specifies the team's “Code of Conduct,” and clarifies the arrangement and expectations for the team, and each team rider.


Here’s what Velocity Bike Co. Team Group members receive:

  • Velocity frame in the size and color of the rider’s choice (20% off retail)

  • Two Velocity Team jerseys (Co-Branded with your team’s logo, if you have one)

  • One Pair of Troy Lee Designs Sprint racing pants​

  • Option to purchase a second frame at a team discount.


On Us:​

  • Special team-specific discounts.

  • Exclusive Team benefits will be available to all program members each quarter. This may include online training resources, discounts on popular clinics, and more. As we said earlier, part of our goal is to help develop your riders to rise to the next level in their racing and become ambassadors of the sport.


Package Price: $759 per rider

Includes frame at 20% off and over $240 in gear. Tax and shipping are additional.

Proceed to Application Form

Velocity CR+D Logo Stack-01.jpg


Velocity CR&D Team  

James Cordova 
Michael Martinez 
Fisher Hague
Caleb Dunson 
Jayden Wilkes 
Bond Brunson 
Grayson    Osborn 
Preston    Osborn 
Travis Osborn 
Jeremy Tomlinson 
Nicholas Harris 
Benjamin Harris

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